Richmond Waldorf School
Logo & Brand Development

Scope of work

  • Logo design
  • Brand development and guidelines
  • Business cards & stationery
  • Templates for email newsletters & presentations
  • Introductory package including folder, brochure, program inserts
  • Promotional items including t-shirt design, stickers, and more
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Ongoing support for consulting and marketing

Project overview

A New Identity is Born

When we met Richmond Waldorf School (RWS), their brand represented who they were, a school for pre-kindergarten though 2nd grade. It represented their small beginning and young target audience and did not represent the playfulness of Waldorf Education or the school’s teaching approach in look or feel. The school had since grown to include middle school grades up to 8th, summer programs, athletic programs, and a growing faculty and student body. They were also planning to purchase a new school facility of their own. RWS required a new identity to match their current and future mission, vision, and goals. One that told of their unique teaching philosophy and would represent them for years to come.

Logo development

With the Waldorf teaching philosophy originating in 1918 and steeped in meaning, intention, and purpose, it was incredibly important for the logo to be equally so. We began with a great deal of research and immersed ourselves into Waldorf Education. Interviews were conducted with school administration, teachers, the Board of Trustees, and parents. The mission and vision were revised to align with new goals. And almost a year later, the new identity is born.

To understand the new identity for Richmond Waldorf School is to gain a glimpse into the essence of the school’s entire being.

  • The circle represents wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.
  • The color blue symbolizes trust, freedom, balance, and peace.
  • The prismatic colors create a rhythmic flow and feeling of movement, are welcoming, and are symbolic of inclusivity.
  • The energy of the circle moves clockwise to represent the rhythms within Waldorf culture (daily, weekly, seasonally, yearly, developmentally) and the continuous flow of learning and development within our teachers and students.
  • The prismatic order of colors moves counter-clockwise, symbolizing how Waldorf education is very different from mainstream education.
  • The open circle creates two opposite forces, which are actually complementary and interdependent of each other. These dualities are seen throughout nature and everyday life (light/dark, in breath/out breath, summer/winter).
  • The design has a feel of something created by hand, while the letters are crisp and modern with unique angles.
  • The word Waldorf extends beyond the circle in a sense of freedom. This same freedom is at the heart of what RWS wants for their students—that a Waldorf Education prepares them and allows them freedom (intellect, spirit, community).

While not every logo requires as intense depth in meaning as this one, we believe every logo stands as a voice and identifying symbol that represents you to the world. It is your visual identity. A good logo speaks. It evokes something within those who experience it.

Brand development

Following the logo design, we worked on further brand development and created guidelines for internal use. These guidelines empower the school’s internal team to utilize the templates and design guides provided to perform everyday tasks while keeping on brand. Creating and maintaining brand consistency helps build trust and rhythm with their faculty and parents.

Richmond Waldorf School brand guidelines interior spread

“You helped us take our new brand into different areas of day-to-day life—design for email communications, letterhead, et cetera. I use the branding guide at least once a day!”

– Marketing and Enrollment Coordinator for RWS

Promotional material

To carry the values of RWS throughout their collateral, we used 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly ink for printed promotional material and 100% organic t-shirts, printed locally with water-based, non-toxic ink.

Richmond Waldorf School brochure and insertsRichmond Waldorf School business cardsRichmond Waldorf School stickerRichmond Waldorf School shirts

Online presence

Next up, we designed and developed their website. Learn more about the website design and development process HERE.

Creative solutions

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