Here’s a little insight.

No fluff.

For over 15 years, BigTree has been raising the value of businesses of all sizes by providing creative solutions with a focus on genuine, fact-based advertising. We do not idolize brands that deceive customers by hiding under a bunch of fluff. We prefer to create curiosity, excitement, and trust by marketing for businesses that offer transparency, honesty, and a quality product. Speaking of fluff, when you work with us, we won’t tell you what you want to hear just to make you feel good and win your business. We begin every relationship with a consultation to ensure we are a good fit for each other, speak openly about pricing, goals, and strategy, and always deliver 100% of services agreed upon.

We design for the present by exploring the past.

If you peer into our shop, at first glance, you may mistake it for a printing museum. What you are seeing is a hard-earned collection of hand-powered printing presses and all of the tools to go along with them, which we use on a regular basis. Letterpress printing is the heart and soul of early graphic design and we love to incorporate it into our work whenever appropriate. And let’s be honest here, as graphic designers and typography lovers, holding a 150-year-old wood letter in our hand, arranging each block into an effective design piece, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. While we do not print projects designed outside of BigTree, we do create in-house designs, mainly by hand using antique type and decorative elements creating one-of-a-kind works of art for logos, stationary, broadsides, and promotional materials.

Yes indeed, home is where the heart is.

Here at BigTree, we adore the beautiful city of Richmond, Virginia and the surrouding community. We are regular supporters of ChildSavers, Art 180, Richmond Waldorf School, Richmond City Schools participating on, and Central Virginia Food Bank. Giving is one of our addictions, along with chocolate. Chocolate is always good.

Remaining true to our roots.

We embrace a sustainable lifestyle in and out of the office. Our website hosting is completely carbon neutral, we recycle, use recycled supplies and packaging, invoice electronically, prefer to eat locally- and naturally-grown food, regularly support locally-owned businesses, and walk or bike to work...even in the rain. We love what we do – and it shows in our work.


Heather Simon (owner)

Boredom is one emotional state farthest from Heather’s internal being. Her curiosity and desire for new challenges keep her quite involved in a wide variety of projects and activities. Raised with an entrepreneurial spirit and a do-it-right-the-first-time attitude, there is nothing Heather cannot accomplish when she puts her heart into it.

Heather graduated from The School of Communication Arts with a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, immediately landing a design position with a family-owned print shop, gaining priceless experience within a tight-knit work family. Fast-forward to 2005—Heather established BigTree to fulfill the desire to be the leader of her own ship.