Project overview

Piperbear and BigTree first met in 2017. Piperbear was growing and evolving and needed help aligning their logo, principles, and mission with their new services and vision to create a cohesive brand identity that fully and accurately represented them. Read about the brand development for Piperbear here.

Once the foundational work was complete, we turned our focus to the design and build of a new website. So much of what Piperbear does is best communicated visually, so a new website to showcase their properties and design work was essential.

Piperbear website

Main goals of the new website

  • Clearly define and differentiate Piperbear’s two main services—interior design and property management—while keeping the feel and flow of one cohesive company
  • Convey the essence and desired perception of the new Piperbear brand
  • Create framework that allows Piperbear to easily update their rental property listings

The flow

Before we started on the design—the visual elements and all the fun details—we put a lot of thought into the experiences of the two different audiences: The tenant looking for an apartment, and the homeowner looking for an interior designer. Placing these avenues front and center on the homepage, creating multiple ways to get to these services, and planning out the call-to-action on each page, defines these two distinct services while maintaining the feeling of one cohesive company.

The design

Rather than distract the audience with a moving slider or looping animation, we kept it clean and static, allowing space for the user to choose the avenue he or she came to explore. Our design approach parallels the design style and values of Piperbear—clean and classy, lots of attention given to the small details, always going the extra mile. The main navigation and the large, clickable circles throughout the website include subtle, elegant rollovers, the background incorporates a gentle parallax, and the portfolio has a friendly and fun before/after slider to showcase their designs and renovations.

Piperbear portfolio page

Our contributions

  • Strategy
  • Team Photography
  • Design
  • Responsive Web Development

Finishing touches

To complete the project, we tweaked the contact form to include a finer filter and questioning process to accommodate the increase in contact emails post website launch, and provided a one-on-one training session to ensure self-sufficiency in listing their rental properties.

Creative solutions

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