Blue Beacon Events
Logo Design | Brand Development | Website

Scope of work

  • Logo design
  • Brand development
  • Photography
  • Website design & development

Project overview

Blue Beacon Events (BBE) is an unconventional event planning and management company located in Virginia, serving nonprofit and service-minded organizations to empower their mission and strengthen their community impact. Founder, Sarah Westphal, came to us in the start-up phase to help develop a company identity and web presence that encapsulates the services, values, and mission of BBE.

Blue Beacon Events logo

Logo design for Blue Beacon Events

Logo & brand development

Our guiding keywords for the brand feel were calming, whimsical, professional, powerful yet gentle, and genuine. BBE provides a soft guidance accompanied by exceptional organization throughout the event planning process so we wanted to incorporate this feeling in the logo and overall brand identity through the use of color, graphics, and typography. Color and file guides were created which provide a level of self-sufficiency for Blue Beacon Events and serve as their guide to help maintain brand consistency.

Website design & development

The approach to this website was to incorporate a bit of interactivity because events, whether in-person or virtual, thrive on interaction. The homepage reveals itself as the user scrolls down and a static top progress bar gives a heads up on how much content to expect. We wanted the site to feel informative, organized, and friendly, to match the experience felt when working with Blue Beacon Events.

Branding image

Development of the brand’s color palette, logo variations, and imagery style

Responsive Website Design image

Formatting and optimization for desktop and mobile devices

Creative solutions

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