Website Design & Development

Scope of work

  • Website design and development
  • Photography

Project overview

Benchmark came to us as an established business needing an online presence and a desire to streamline quotes and inquiries. They wanted their website to be concise, efficient, simple. They had a logo but required further brand development. And the design and function needed to appeal to two target audiences.

We joined Benchmark staff for the day to get a feel for their industry and photograph their services in action. The photos round out their brand and tell their story, giving their customers a sense of who they are and what they do. This is one of our favorite parts of website design and branding. We get to know staff, understand the company values and goals more deeply, and experience the business. This feeling, this experience, is the spark that ignites the rest of the project.

The Benchmark homepage with main services and call-to-action front and center.

Key features

The main services to communicate are front and center in the homepage slider and again below the fold as custom clickable icons. Creating two or three ways to get to the same result can be beneficial on a homepage and capture different clicking personalities.

Custom icons, creating an alternate route to the services offered.

The desired call-to-action is to contact Benchmark with a project request. We created a prominent button and placed it on ever page. Don’t make your customers hunt down how to contact you. This needs to be easy and intuitive. The contact form is routed to the appropriate staff at Benchmark which saves them time and increases daily organization. Who doesn’t love that?

Customizable contact form streamlines project inquiries.

Website and branding solutions

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