Courthouse Creek Cider
Website Design & Development

Scope of work

  • Website design & development
  • Photography
  • Ongoing support for website maintenance and event promotion

Project overview

We first met Eric and Liza Cioffi of Courthouse Creek Cider when they came to us for help with brand development (read about that process HERE). Once the business identity was established, we turned toward their online presence and designed and developed their website.

CCC website

Responsive website design with custom photography and graphics.

Website design & development

From the method used to grow their orchard to the process used to make their cider, Courthouse Creek Cider is intentional, mindful, and believes the slow, natural way is most often the best way. We kept this top of mind when developing the feel of their website. Our goal was to bring a loving, handcrafted, farm feel to those visiting the site. It also needed to be functional and streamline internal processes for their team so we included custom forms, an event calendar, and location maps.

CCC website

Custom form for streamlining event requests.

CCC website

Event calendar to keep cider fans up to date on what’s happening at each location.

CCC website

Interactive map to locate tasting rooms and retail locations.

Creative solutions

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